Three Minute Trainer

Online Video Training

Learning is important. It allows individuals to develop new skills and businesses to be more successful.

The problem is, live training sessions are time consuming and expensive, whilst E-Learning is unsupported and boring.

That's why many individuals and businesses are turning to Three Minute Trainer's online video training courses to gain new skills and develop their business.

Online Video Training Courses By Three Minute Trainer offer learners:

  • Engaging training through bite sized video content
  • Video content developed by leading experts
  • Affordable high quality training at the touch of a button
  • The ability to learn on a range of devices, including their phones
  • Support throughout the course from industry experts
  • The ability to revisit video chapters as often as required to reinforce learning

Online Video Training Courses By Three Minute Trainer provide businesses with:

  • An affordable training solution
  • Highly trained workforce who have learnt from the best in the industry
  • The ability to monitor and analyse the course progress of each individual
  • Flexible training programme, able to deliver on any day

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